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Unlimited cut optimization program for any kind of shape. Corte certo plus 2018 crackeado gives a highly optimized computer solution to the problem of minimizing waste material when cutting rectangular sheets and longitudinal bars. Now it supports optimizing cut of parts of any shape. The Corte’s calculation engine, which is designed to find non-approximate but true-optimal solutions, uses classical optimization techniques, like linear programming and dynamic programming, together with a powerful completing heuristic and a sophisticated cutting variants generation algorithm. Most likely, Corte will find an optimum solution for the given task, and when it won’t, a nearly-optimum solution is guaranteed. The program can be used when cutting different kind of materials: metal, glass, plastic, wood, leather, fabric in different practical environments like woodworks, glassworks, furniture factories, factory parts for cars, planes, boats, and much more.

Corte Certo – Layout optimization of rectangular parts on sheets, panels, rolls. Generates efficient cutting plans any material. Designed to automate the process of creating cut lists that companies use to manufacture furniture, windows and other products composed of rectangular parts. Used for yield calculations, estimates, and provides an integrated cut map graphic editor, prints labels for sections and leftover fragments, generates reports, and much more.’

Corte certo plus 2018 crackeado is a complex application that can prove to be very useful for manufacturers, as it can optimize the cutting process for various materials, reducing the amount of waste material produced.It features an intuitive interface and offers extensive documentation, with the aim of helping you learn its basic and advanced functions more quickly. Generated patterns and data can be saved to Microsoft Excel tables, AutoCAD DXF drawings and BMP image files.

Optimize cutting patterns

Corte can automatically calculate a cutting pattern that minimizes wasted material when manufacturing various parts. You can define up to three optimization levels to be applied successively. At higher levels, the quality of the calculations is increased, but the operation can take longer to complete.

It is also possible to manually adjust or even create new cutting patterns.

This program can help you minimize production costs, save time when developing cutting plans, track your current stocks and reduce the amount of raw material that needs to be ordered.


Are you a manufacturer who wants to reduce waste and increase profits? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to hasten and download the Corte software for your windows PC at your plant. Corte is software that ensures that all your material cuts and measurements are well optimized thus reducing waste, increasing output and also profitability. It will ensure that your end product is as you and your customers would require.

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In addition to reducing waste, corte certo plus 2018 crackeado software also increases a firm’s efficiency in different ways. First it easily allows for calculation of correct cost estimations. It also allows for material testing and planning and therefore allows production of high quality goods. It also reduces errors while cutting. This it does through its graphic editor which develops a well labeled and measured cutting map for efficient and effective cutting of production material.

It has superior features that allow it to calculate exact figures for project combinations and different material cuts. It does this using sophisticated algorithms combined with linear programming techniques.

All these benefits can be enjoyed for free from a demo download while an advanced package of the software for larger operations and this will be a great investment whose return will be in increased profits and higher quality products. It has three packages Corte Mini, Standard and Plus.

The latest version of corte cabelo plus size 2018 is much easier to use. It has a very friendly, easy to use and understand user interface. One can also access user support where they face problems while using it and also get help to understand its additional complex features.

In addition, Corte is easily supported by Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and the latest Windows 10. It is therefore also easily accessed by all who require it.


  • Outstanding software for generating cutting diagrams
  • You can save time by generating cutting diagrams
  • Save money with less wasted materials
  • It comes with various browse able tabs
  • This application is also come with Android and iOS platform
  • Drag and drop feature which are able to provide faster productivity in minimum time
  • Automatic cut part tracking
  • Glued up panel wizard
  • Pre material rotation control
  • Easy to use especially for new users



Very frequently the person who asks this question wants in fact to know: can I install one sole Corte Certo license in a server and then enable any user connected in the network to access and use the program?

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The answer is no. corte cabelo plus size 2018 is a single-user program and must be directly installed in the computer in which it is going to be used. The program can easily be transferred to other computers as many times as required, however its simultaneous use by multiple users is not possible.

For clients who have more than one program license, the following is possible through the network: the import of projects from another computer which also has Corte Certo installed and also a printout in a network connected printer. It is furthermore possible for users of the more complete Plus program, to centralize materials in the server and to dispatch cut orders to a computer elected by the users as being central.

However, even in this case, it is not possible to install Corte Certo in a server to be accessed by one or more users.


The advance in cut plan algorithms used in the system allow for the automatic calculation to be superior. This has been proven through the years.

An observation is necessary however: corte de cabelo plus size 2018, like all cutting stock, is mainly targeted at average and big projects, in which it becomes unbeatable when compared with human performance, from a yield-speed point of view.

It is not impossible for an experienced cutter to attain similar or even better results in one case or another in small projects. Even so, the large number of Corte Certo users in small companies or artisans widely testifies to the utility of the program for small projects also.

It is also not impossible that a good analyst using an automatically calculated project may see changes that would make the cutting diagrams still better.

It was thinking of this that the developers endowed the Corte Certo Plus, years later, of its post-editing system (or manual editing), which enables the cutter to re-edit the automatically generated cutting diagrams, with the help of the mouse. The idea came from this period that Corte Certo had transformed the good cutters into cut analysts – professionals who, when analyzing the generated diagrams and taking into consideration data not provided for the program (like those regarding future projects), are capable of improving the material yield even more.


Time is dependant on three factors:

  • Amount of parts/sections of different sizes.
  • Amount of different sheets enabled for the cut.
  • Memory and processing capability of the computer being used.
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In most cases, calculations take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to be completed.


Yes, because it is possible to calculate the exact number of sheets to be utilized rapidly and with a high reliability level. This permits the Corte Certo user to form the stock for the order backlog with only a small additional safety margin.
We know of a case in which a glazier sector company had bought an excess of 1200 sheets following a calculation error, a little before acquiring the corte de cabelo plus size 2018 license.

Another reason to count on Corte Certo as an excellent aid when buying material is that it can consider not only the existing sheet stock, but also the remnants of the same material in your databank in the calculation.

There is furthermore a third reason. When the sheets are ONered by the supplier in various sizes, like those in acrylic, corte certo plus 2018 torrent can calculate which are the sizes that ONer the best utilization to meet the order.

Should this still not be sufficient, then it is possible to apply the cost price per square meter of the material, to see which supplier ONers the product at the lowest final price for what you wish to cut.


Overall, corte certo plus 2018 crackeado is a comprehensive application, created to help professionals minimize losses when cutting patterns from various materials. It can be very helpful for improving the efficiency of various manufacturing processes, by reducing the amount of raw material that needs to be used.

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